Robotics @ Yale

This site is intended to be a jumping off point for information about robotics research at Yale, including links to individual research groups, information on events, available equipment, and current and former members. Use the links on the left to navigate.

At present, two lab groups at Yale are conducting primary research in robotics:

GRAB Lab: Grasping and Manipulation, Rehabilitation Robotics, and Biomechanics
The GRAB Lab conducts research into robot manipulation and biorobotic systems. Research topics include robotic hands and dexterous grasping, prosthetics, assistive and rehabilitation devices, augmented human running, mobile manipulation, and aero-robotics.

Social Robotics Lab
The SR lab studies the way in which humans interact with robots as social entities. This research includes a focus on autistic child-robot interaction.

Affiliate Labs

e-Lab: Advanced Sensory Communication Circuits and Systems
e-Lab (ELab) is a VLSI mixed-signal design laboratory specialized in the development of Advanced Sensory Communication Circuits and Systems. Research focuses on extending human abilities to interact with the environment through technological advancements. By using emergent fabrication technologies, we design biomedical instrumentation and sensory processing circuits to improve everyday life and to help the scientific endeavor of understanding life.

Embedded Networks and Applications Lab
ENALAB's research focus is on embedded networked systems, ubiquitous computing and self-configuring wireless sensor networks.